Audio Artist ||

Audio Contributions

  • Audio Artist | Implementation
  • Recording dynamic and movable objects. Editing and implementing these assets into proprietary game audio engine
  • Recording Living World character dialogue
  • Executing footstep design including asset management and implementation
  • Designing and implementing User Interface SFX.
  • Post Production Editorials for Marketing Video Assets
Academy Of Interactive Arts & Sciences - AIAS Nomination - "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design" - Skate 2 Audio Team

The Interactivity is what I love about game audio, the audio must adapt and change to match the action happening onscreen. In all situations, the game player’s decisions and actions determine what is seen and heard. This differs from linear forms of entertainment like music and movies, where an audio artist knows exactly when a particular sound, piece of music or dialogue is going to be played and under what circumstances. What is required in games is an audio engine that is controlled by game variables so it can start and stop a sound, pause it, send it volume / pan info, etc, loop it, branch to another location and transition from one piece of audio to the next, etc.. this is an example of a detailed state driven multivoice layered footstep system created for skate2