Lead Senior Audio Artist

Audio Contributions

  • Project Planning | Resourcing | Training
  • Music Direction and Implementation
  • Voice Direction and Implementation
  • Audio Direction | Sound Design and Implementation
  • Integration with FrostBite 3 game engine

Audio Reviews

“Character designs are as detailed as they are darling, each one lovingly animated and constantly making its own silly sounds…the player character noises are highly amusing, backed by a fantastic and catchy soundtrack.” ----www.thejimquisition.com

“The audio side of things also fits the chaos like a glove, whether it’s the whizzing, booming cartoon sound effects or the often-humorous soundtrack — I couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit at the tunes with zombies grunting and growling as the vocals." ----www.playstationlifestyle.net

“The sound is pretty darn great, too. Once again, we're treated to a diverse array of combat effects, which allow every match to really explode with dynamic audio. Depending on your chosen character, you'll hear a completely different set of sounds, many of which are just plain comical. There's nothing offensive, the word "grit" is nowhere to be found, and the bright colors and fantastic effects - both visual and audio - keep you coming back for more. If you're wondering whether or not the game looks and sounds like a $60 product, it does.” ----www.psxextreme.com

“The game itself is gorgeous too, especially for something with such a comical art style. Details are vivid and movement is silky smooth. GW2’s sound effects are on a similar plane: comical and vivid. Barbs pop when shot, a cha-ching rings when defeating an enemy, and each character has its own distinct sound.“ ----www.psu.com

"Every character model, object, and map is vibrant and intricate, creating a glorious atmosphere of backyard destruction. Twists on classical music create funky new soundtracks, with higher pitched, more cheerful songs associated with the plants and deeper, more ominous ones with the zombies. In objective-based missions and modes the music dynamically changes to emphasize the side that is winning, which is a neat way to reflect the state of the game through sound." ----www.icxm.net

"Throughout it all players are treated with a spectacular soundtrack that keeps you going and elevates the action on screen. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is as addicting as its predecessor on the gameplay front, but the incredible map design and splendid musical score elevate it above PopCap Games’ past offerings."----cogconnected.com

"The audio experience is likewise enjoyable and fun, with catchy tunes that many players will be humming to themselves for some time. Characters make noises throughout the match that somehow never get old, sounding perfect for the environment, and really making for a light and amusing atmosphere."----attackofthefanboy.com

"Even individual kills are celebratory, marked with a comedy 'pop!' sound effect. Get a spree going and it resembles microwave popcorn; doubly so when it's living corn cobs you're frazzling. My favourite touch is the jaunty whistling as plants seize a control point - a spot of Colonel Bogey March-like motivation to push you over the finish line."----www.gamesradar.com

"sound design is quite well done. The sounds effects of the weapons are each unique and come off as powerful. Even Super Brainz punches sounded like there was real power behind them. The various sound effects used for the zombie footsteps, as well as the plants, and the various ambient sounds really make you feel like you are moving through a living, breathing world."----www.filmgamesetc.com