Audio Designer

Audio Contributions

  • Audio Designer | Technical Implementation
  • Ambiance design | Reverb design | implementation
  • Creature design | implementation
  • Weapons design | Abilities design | implementation
  • Locomotion/foley design | implementation
  • Interactive music | music stinger | adaptive layered implementation
  • Scripted sound design | implementation | Plato scripting
  • Provided Sound Design for launch trailer
  • Integration with Audiokinetic Wwise audio engine and other proprietary software systems.

Audio Reviews

"On the audio front, you get a few characters who sound very believable and some that are down right scary"

"The sound is one of the better physical aspects of the game. The guns in particularly sound powerful and devastating. "

"The audio was actually the brightest spot. The sounds of gunfire, screams in the background and various city noises all made you feel like you were there in the earliest days of the outbreak. The background music also did a stellar job of influencing the mood."