Audio Artist |||

Audio Contributions

  • Sound Design | Technical Implementation
  • Weapons SFX | Abilities SFX | Character SFX | World SFX
  • Character voice design | perform | record | edit | implement
  • Marketing video edits and mixes
  • Integration with FrostBite 3 game engine

Audio Reviews

“The game doesn’t just look good, though, as there’s plenty of catchy music to bob your head to, too – in fact, we’ve been struggling to get the tunes out of our head. The sound effects are equally satisfying, with every plant, zombie, and object making cute, funny, and adorable noises.”

“The sound completes the goofball theme. Music fits in well with the vibrant colors and nonstop on-screen action and once again, you'll be grinning at some of the over-the-top effects. This is a shooter with a lot of bite - in some ways, I mean that literally - thanks to a solid soundtrack, top-notch effects and an overarching appealing nature. I suppose you might not notice the audio quite as much during periods of intense encounters, but that's par for the course in a multiplayer shooter. Trust me, though, when you take the time to appreciate the little things, the graphics and sound really start to shine."

“Even with the change in focus from strategy to action, the vibe of the game's audio remains the same. The music is rather cheery in parts, and even the more spooky selections have some whimsy attached. It doesn't play constantly, mostly in menus and when games begin and end, but it is worth listening to when it does come on. The effects are vibrant, with the right pitches being hit at the right moments, and nothing sounds off. Voices are still limited to grunts and other gibberish, but it is for the best, as it manages to keep the original flavor of the game.. it is very pleasing to the ears.”

"Plants vs. Zombies sets itself apart from other multiplayer third-person shooters. Firefights can still be fast and furious, with good shooting mechanics and class-based combat between 24 players, but thanks to its zany character classes and silly sound effects, it’s actually laugh-out-loud funny. It’s a good game that spits bright green peas in the face of today’s brown-and-grey shooters."

"Nice synth ditties and some pleasing cutesy plant and zombie voices make for some perfectly soothing ear candy."