iDevice Noisemix

Electronic track made from phone coil recordings of my new iPhone syncing.

iPhone 4 sync

My iPhone4 syncing recorded with phonecoil microphone. I think i'm gonna make a electronic/noise track with the source recordings.

glitch / image mashup in Max for Live

I designed and implemented the Interface SFX for Skate2 and created this clip showcasing some of the design elements used. The direction for the games audio interface design was very lofi, noizy, dirty, scratchy, distorted to match the 'do it yourself' visual style. Some of the samples have been mashed and processed into this electronic/glitch track.

I didn't have any video capture as in my other demo so I decided I would make a MaxForLive patch that did some clever image mashing and sequencing using audio input, timeline and tempo information from Ableton. The images were mostly image search results for Skate2.

Slinky Fun

It’s Slinky! Just banging on my slinky with some contact mics attached. Also running through some effects at times. Even tried vibrating with a shaver for an interesting effect then pitchshifting the results. What a wonderful toy, fun for a girl and a boy...


Chopped up a music box recording and resequenced it using a monome grid. The end of the song is the original recording.