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MaxMSP Lotto649 number generator

This was mostly an exercise to generate random lottery numbers, evaluate them, and display them in a meaningful fashion using only MaxMSP. It is a random number generator for Lotto649 (#'s 1-49) which also incorporates 9 factors that have proven to be true for all winning numbers about 85% of the time. The random numbers are guided into ranges, evaluated and displayed for you to decide if you’d like to use them as is, or fine tune them for a better evaluation. The factors break down as follows:

Factor #1: 
Your first position number should be in the range of 1 to 13. The majority of winning combinations start with these numbers. The same goes for the last number which should be in the range of 38 to 49. Ranges for the numbers for the second, third, fourth and fifth positions are given in the following table. At least 85% of all winning numbers fall within these individual number ranges. If you choose your numbers outside these ranges, you reduce your chances of winning to 15%.

Factor #2: 
Refrain from choosing all odd or even numbers - use a combination of both. Keep your mix to the highest percentage ranges for winning.

Factor #3: 
Your addition or SUM can be seen in the table to see what range your SUM falls into. Now check the PERCENT column to see what your percentage chances are of winning.

Factor #4: 
This Strategy examines the total number of times each winning combination had Low Numbers (1 to 24) versus High Numbers (25 to 49). Check your number combination to see how many of your numbers are Low and how many are High. Try to keep your chosen numbers within the highest historical Percentage Wins to improve your chances of winning.

Factor #5: 
Have a look at the NUMBER COHORT SUMMARY Table, which shows you the most winning ranges. To increase your chances, try and keep within these winning ranges.

Factor #6: 
Check your First Number with the frequencies of all the other numbers that you have chosen for Positions 2 to 6. If your Position 2 to 6 numbers have a very low frequency, you might want to change them to numbers with higher frequencies.

Factor #7: 
Include at least one number from the Top 10 most frequently drawn numbers.

Factor #8: 
Numbers repeat themselves from previous draws. At least one should be in your chosen numbers too.

Factor #9: 
Never pick a 6 number combination that has previously been drawn.

Haven’t won the jackpot yet but have increased my odds a little bit;) If you’ve ever seen the movie Pi, you’ll have some idea of the head scratching that went on to complete this. But it was an educational process, as always. I tried to make good use of embedded patchers in Max which made creating a nice clean modular interface very easy.