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Bluetooth SIXAXIS PS3 OpenSoundController

After connecting my bluetooth sixaxis ps3 controller to my mac and discovering that the sixaxis vales and button pressure get passed to Max, I had to make a ps3 version of my OpenSoundControl converter app. Plus its wireless so I can just completely lean back in my chair and have fun controlling stuff:) I'm showing some of its functionality with the brilliant sample layer tool created in Reaktor by Twisted Tools.
I've also seen the new ps4 controller which looks slick, can't wait to hack that as well.


I recently purchased a fairly inexpensive stereo hydrophone from cold gold microphones. My first adventure with it was this wineglass session. Some nice tones from flicking it, blowing some bubbles of course and great oscillations from rubbing the rim of the glass. Recorded at 96KHz/24Bit. Some pitching and slight delay/reverb added.

Fan Drone

recorded my bathroom fan with contact mics and made a drone

iPhone 4 sync

My iPhone4 syncing recorded with phonecoil microphone. I think i'm gonna make a electronic/noise track with the source recordings.

Slinky Fun

It’s Slinky! Just banging on my slinky with some contact mics attached. Also running through some effects at times. Even tried vibrating with a shaver for an interesting effect then pitchshifting the results. What a wonderful toy, fun for a girl and a boy...