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Pd~OSC 8bit touch sequencer control

The user can adjust the 16 step pitch and volume sequences which is reflected in the one pianoroll object in Pd. There is a randomize button for the pitch and volume sequence. Each step is highlighted with a green dot on the interface 16 step timeline. The sequence can be played forwards and backwards with adjustable tempo and transposition. The wavetable has 8 presets, a randomize function and can be drawn in, which is reflected in the wavetable window in Pd. The envelope also has 8 presets, a randomize function and can be drawn in, it is also reflected in the envelope window in Pd. There is also 5 effects: delay, distortion, wah, trails and pulse width modulation. And of course a transport section complete with pan, volume, mute, momentary mute, play forwards, play backwards, and stop.
This was more an exercise of implementing control than anything else, it actually doesn’t sound the greatest as it is still just an 8bit sequencer but it has a nice chiptunesque retro quality. I actually like the juxtaposition of the old sound with the new control technology. 
Audio in the video does not start until 00:34