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100 Whooshes in 2 minutes


Since I modified my Open Sound Control Max patch to work with a PS3 controller, I had to go ahead and port it as a MIDI controller as well:) I haven't made a MIDI version of a game controller, i'm glad I did as its proven very useful. I like MIDI and have a number of dedicated MIDI controllers I use but the many simultaneous inputs a game controller provides is unmatched by any traditional music controller.

You only have two hands so generally its only controlling 2 knobs at the same time, or one XY pad and one knob etc. My Max patch is still a work in progress as i'd like to still add some LFO, envelope and sequencer functionality, but in the meantime I was inspired by Charles Deenen's whoosh design template ( )and thought it would be fun to make something work along those lines, borrowing some of the ideas but using my game MIDI controller to control it.

I'm a huge fan of Charles' designs and have worked with him in the past so this was a fun experiment for me.
Instead of setting it up in a linear way with many tracks in ProTools I chose to use 2 samplers that can randomly load different content on only 2 tracks with select processing. Many, many ways to set something up like this, experimentation is important, and a lot of fun. Anyone need some whooshes?

Animation modulating Audio via MIDI CC

Another experiment using Quartz Composer. I’m using some Low Frequency Oscillators in Quartz Composer to animate layers of my logo graphic. These LFO’s are also sending MIDI CC messages which are being received by Kore’s preset morphing parameter:

-There is an LFO animating the rotation of the logo, this is also modulating the Y axis of the Kore morph parameter grid.
-There are also some LFO’s animating the several radius diameters of the logo, these are modulating the X axis of the Kore morph parameter grid.

I have also assigned a knob on my MIDI controller keyboard to the frequency of the LFO in Quartz Composer which is modulating the radius movement ( which in turn is modulating the X parameter in Kore:) Obviously I could just modulate Kore with MIDI (or the dedicated Kore controller which I also own;) but the exercise here was to have the animation movement modulate some audio. The audio loaded in Kore is from the Reaktor Animated Circuits soundpack.


Chopped up a music box recording and resequenced it using a monome grid. The end of the song is the original recording.