My first Max for Live audio device! It’s got a few bugs but was a fun and educational process. It’s basically an audio buffer looper that can load sounds or be directly recorded into. The user then has the ability to play back an adjustable loop selection of the buffer with control over playback rate (pitch) and direction. It can also be controlled by OSCemote running on the iPad or iPhone.

On the iPad, the Multi Touch page communicates with 2 points of X/Y values. For the first finger X = selection position Y = selection width. For the second finger X = playback rate/direction Y = volume.

On the iPhone, the Accelerometers XY values controls the selection position and width. The simultaneous X value of the multi touch page controls playback rate/direction.

Max for Live audio buffer device. Samples can be loaded into the buffer or be directly recorded into. User can adjust the selection of the buffer to loop and its playback rate/direction.